About Peter

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    On September 20th 1992 Peter was born
    the first of five kids in the Prevc family.

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    He spent most of his childhood playing outdoors

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    The parachute was one of the
    favourite toys of Prevc kids.

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    One of Peter's first medals is from

    the school swimming competition.

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    In Spring 2000 Peter joined the
    Ski Jumping Club Triglav Kranj.

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    When he was 13 years old,
    his personal best was 113m.

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    In September 2006 Peter attended his first FIS
     in Einsiedeln and took 36th place.

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    With 2nd place in Harrachov in January 2009

    he achieved his first FIS podium.

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    In February 2009 Peter took a part in the Junior
    in Štrbske pleso for the 1st time (6th place)
    and attended EYOF where he took 2 gold medals

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    In Lillehammer, on December 5th

    2009, he attended his first WC

    competition and finished 22nd.

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    Attending his second Junior WSC in Hinterzarten 
    in January 2010, Peter won a silver medal.


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    In February 2010 in Vancouver Peter debuted at
    the Winter Olympics. He achieved 7th (NH),
     16th (LH) and 8th (team LH) place.

  • 13 Oslo

    5th of March 2011 in Oslo was the day he stood on

    he podium at the FIS Nordic WSC for the first

    time in his career, winning a bronze medal

    with Slovenian team (in the team event).  

  • 14 Planica

    On March 19th 2011 in Planica Peter ended

    the season 2008/09 with his first world cup

    podium for him when he was 3rd in the

    team competition with team Slovenia.

  • 15

    In February 2012 in Oberstdorf he landed at

    the record mark of the flying hill (225,5m)

    but fell and sustained a severe injury 

    which meant the end of the season for him.

  • 16 Predazzo 1600x1060

    On March 23th and 28th 2013 at FIS Nordic WSC in Predazzo Peter won silver and bronze medal.

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    On March 22nd 2013 in Planica he finished 

    second at the ski flying event, which was his

    first individual podium in the World Cup.

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    In December 2013 Peter was named the Slovenian

    Sportsman of the Year for the first time.

  • 18 Kulm 1067x1600

    On January 12th in 2014 at Kulm

    ski flying competition he achieved his

    first individual World cup win.

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    At the Olympic games in Sochi 2014

    Peter won silver and bronze 

    Olympic medal at individual events.

  • 20 Harrachov 1600x1007

    On March 14th 2014 he took bronze at

    Ski Flying World Championship in Harrachov.

  • 21 Planica 2014 1600x1066

    Peter finished season 2013/14 as 2nd in the World Cup overall and won the Ski flying overall title.

  • 22 Novoletna 2015 1600x1113

    In January 2015 he was 3rd in the

    overall of the Four Hills Tournament .

  • 23 Vikersund

    Flying 250m at the ski flying event in Vikersund on 14th January 2015 Peter set a new World record.

  • 24 Planica 5x20

    In front of the home crowd in Planica on March

    22nd 2015 he did a “perfect jump” and all style

    referees awarded him with maximum of 20 points.

  • 25

    Peter finished season 2014/15 i1st place in the WC overall (with the same number of points as Severin Freund who also took Crystal globe) and defended Ski Flying overall title.

  • 29

    In December 2015 Peter was named Slovenian Sportsman of the Year for the third time in a row.

  • 26 Orel 1600x919

    With one 3rd place and 3 wins, Peter won the prestigious Four Hills Tournament 2016 

    with all-time highest score of 1139,4.

  • 27 Kulm SP 1600x868

    At the flying hill in Kulm, on January 16th 2016, 

    he won a title of Ski Flying World Champion.

  • 28 Almaty 1600x999

    By winning the second event in Almaty,

    Kazakhstan, on 28th of February 2016,

    Peter secured his first Big Crystal Globe.

  • Planica2016

    Wining the last event in Planica at

    the end of March 2016 Peter finished

    his most successful season to date.